$120.00 USD

Rest, Release, Restore - April 22

A half-day retreat for renewal.

You've got gifts to give, visions to create, stories to tell, and a life to make the most of. But there are cycles you're stuck in no matter how much you try to end them.

This is a chance to unravel the programs that kidnap our thinking, being, and forgiving. This is a chance to pause the habitual cycles, and rest.

Come rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with gifted healers and exquisite practices that will help you release and renew the art of reflective, present living. During our time together you will experience:

  • A tea ceremony and centering circle to help you fully arrive and feel ready to receive.
  • A transformative breathwork session to re-route the oxygen pathways and reorganize your interior spaces. 
  • Acupuncture, Sound Healing, and Reiki to encourage the releasing, protect the restoration, and nurture the deep call to silence.
  • Time for reintegration with the rest of your day with delicious snacks and heart-full shares.

Come and unlock your inner domain so you can accept twists with more ease, enter deep states of presence each day, release chronic stress (and pain), connect with community, and recalibrate your nervous system for emotional and energetic regulation. 💜