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Where Radiant Awakening Begins 

Once we have the big picture blueprint from your Quantum Mapping session,
we'll work together to develop a plan of care that is effective in addressing all of the areas of imbalance.

As we prioritize the underlying layers, the outermost symptoms begin to dissipate and you'll experience life with health, energy, and profound joy.

You will finally feel like your most radiant self!

Intuitive Acupuncture Sharlette Winters


The more time you give to your healing sessions, the quicker you'll experience shifts,
and the more money you'll save.

**Haven't had your Quantum Mapping session yet? 
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I Need My Quantum Mapping Session!
3-month program Sharlette Winters


A 1x month focus to gently untangle the layers that are holding you back and begin to build new patterns.


Yes To This!
3-month program Sharlette Winters


A 2x month focus to unwind the physiological patterns of your emotional belief system more quickly.


Align Program Sharlette Winters


A 4x month focus for more thorough release work. You'll learn to trust and guide yourself more easily.


I'm Ready
Expand Program Sharlette Winters


A 3-month container for digging deep and shifting your bioenergetics.
Includes clinic BONUSES!


I'm All In

Client Feedback

Sharlette changed my life. She was the catalyst for my spiritual transformation and the one to pierce through my despair and deep sense of aloneness with her profound empathic ability. What took many weeks of tests and thousands of dollars to diagnose with a naturopathic doctor, Sharlette was able to instantly read and tend to.

Hana Schneider

Under Sharlette's care, I was able to conquer many health issues as they arose, including digestive issues, emotional turmoil, illnesses, and even aches and pains in my shoulder and ankle. We addressed the bigger problem at its source and that changed everything.

Paul Gruetzmacker

Sharlette makes it easy to open up. She immediately got to the core of my issue and held space for me to feel it all. She is not afraid. After my sessions, I felt a release from a pattern that has been haunting me for decades. I have had many healing experiences but working with Sharlette was one of the most best choices I've made.

Anna Kyleah


Healing Pathways




Book 1 session per month

$200 month

This package is for you if you prefer to move gently...with more space between sessions to be contemplative. 

We'll work slowly and surely towards identifying what you need, what's in the way, and the best path to establish new, conscious pathways.

*Requires Quantum Mapping Session before beginning.


This Is Me


A 2x month Healing Container

$375 month

This package is for you if you know you're ready to make sense of all your pieces (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) but need some space between sessions for integration.

We'll work on opening blockages, nurturing fragile spots, and healing deep layers.

*Requires Quantum Mapping Session before beginning.


This Feels Good




A 4x month Healing Container

$750 month

This package is for you if you’re committed and ready to embody the benefits of consistent healing sessions. Regular attention to clearing patterned stress responses will enable release more quickly.  

We'll also be able to spend more time addressing auto-immune responses in your body and design optimal diet and herbal remedies to compliment your clinic sessions. 

I'll help you tap into your higher guidance and recognize the voice of your internal wisdom. 

*Requires Quantum Mapping Session before beginning.


I'm Ready


A 3-month Healing Container

$3,400 in full or 4x $850 mo

This 3-month journey honors your highest needs & desires.

This package is for you if you are ready to expand...to explore the depths of your bioenergetics,  get a thorough assessment of disharmonies in your physiology, and examine your life & health patterns more intimately.

This package also includes BONUSES: 10% off supplements, direct access to me for questions 4 days a week through Voxer app, & a special VIP 90-minute session to experience a therapy of your choice. Need a payment plan? Click here.

*Requires Quantum Mapping Session before beginning.


A Big Yes To This!

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More loving words

In the past, my anxieties have prevented me from getting effective care. Sharlette’s approach immediately put me at ease, allowing me to actually benefit from the treatment. It is clear that she has a deep well of medical knowledge, and was able to pinpoint the modes of treatment that would both be effective for me at the time and increase my ability to heal going forward.

Kara Kubiac

Last year I got really sick after we moved during winter and since we were on lockdown, I couldn’t go for acupuncture. I called Sharlette and told her how sick I kept getting and she was able to help me get better by doing a session over the phone.  By that night I was almost completely well again. It was incredible. I truly don’t understand all her methods, but that doesn’t matter because they work. She’s a gift!!

Daniela Cervoni

Sharlette is by far the best acupuncturist and healer I have ever worked with. I had very nuanced problems that no person was able to acknowledge over many years, and she was able to diagnose and address them with ease. I think of her as both an interpreter and healer for the body's many systems, incorporating a variety of modalities and practiced expertise.

Eric Hechavarria


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