The Light On My Path

Like so many of us, I’ve had trauma in my life.

Instead of breaking me, that trauma lit a path to my greater healing and carved out a deep, deep capacity to walk that same path with others.

At 19, I found out I might have cancer. 

I visited multiple doctors and had a confusing series of tests, all in an effort to find truth…so the real problem could be addressed and healed. But after all of it, I felt only lost and afraid, and I had no real answers. Any concerns and questions I had were treated as if they were bothersome irritants to my doctors that they had no time for.

The only remedy they offered for my symptoms was repeated monitoring and procedures to cut away parts of my body. They didn’t even bother to tell me that this would damage my ability to bear children. My future, my hopes, my dreams, whatever possibilities I might want for myself, didn’t even register as a passing thought.

I knew there had to be a better way, so I turned to alternative medicine and began to heal through a process of biofeedback, following protocols to rid myself of the cancer. 

I now enjoy a healthy, cancer-free life and work to empower people in their own healing process while treating them with both compassion and care, giving them the chance to embrace their own possibilities. 

I’ve helped hundreds of clients during the last decade understand the messages their body is sending them, see how those physical issues relate to deeper emotional blocks, and awaken potential they hadn’t dreamt of.

If you've struggled with being heard, feeling seen, and clearing up all of the physical, emotional, and spiritual connections in your life, then you're ready for this radiant work. 

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