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Sharlette has been my practitioner for nearly 3 years. I met her at a point in my life when my healing journey had to move to another level. Sharlette knew exactly what I needed. She has helped me through the use of her many modalities (acupuncture, muscle testing, etc...) to transform and heal. I feel extremely confident putting my vulnerable self in her hands and I feel extremely confident suggesting that you do too.

-Esther Sabatino

When I first met Sharlette, I was in a lot of pain from a back injury and under a lot of professional stress.  There were sessions that I left after acupuncture where I was so relaxed from the transcendent healing experience that I had to sit in my car for a while to ground myself back to reality to be able to drive safely.

-Derek Ross

Sharlette is a truly remarkable healing practitioner. I have spent a good many years interacting with licensed health practitioners of all backgrounds and none have left such a profound impact as Sharlette. I came into her office incredibly guarded after having been with several practitioners who were not a good fit. It was a truly amazing feat how she built trust within one session after I came in ready to distrust. She has the unique ability to know exactly what one needs and guides you in just the right way. When willing to put in the effort to invoke change in your life she has the gifts to help you get to where you need to go.

-Bryn H.

Sharlette is AMAZING!!!!! She knew about the specifics of my body— things that had been tested in lab work that I DID NOT tell her about. She mentioned low stomach acid and my spleen and healed the ROOT cause of what she picked up on faster than any medical doctor I’ve ever been to.

-Ashley Cox

Sharlette is attuned to the energy of her clients, is really present with them and directs their energy to release blockages and help them come into emotional, physical and spiritual alignment. She’s more than an acupuncturist.
She’s an energy shaman!


Sharlette is the most gifted healer I have ever known. After working together for about 6 years, I can say that this healing journey with her has been the honor of a lifetime. At the time we met, I was at rock bottom emotionally and physically and didn't know to seek anything other than acupuncture at first. I could not have predicted that meeting her was going to change my life. Nor that she was going to be the catalyst for my spiritual transformation and the one to pierce through my despair and deep sense of aloneness with her profound empathic ability. What took many weeks of tests and over a thousand dollars to diagnose and work on with the naturopathic doctor, Sharlette was able to instantly read during the course of a single phone call with more precision.

-Hana Schneider

 I can say that with regular acupuncture I am back to how I felt in my 20s, I am almost 40 now! I teach fitness classes and I am once again productive at my job, which is very mentally demanding. On top of that, I feel that I can be the best mother and wife and I am finally able to manage stressful days with ease. Seeing her regularly has been a true life saver for me and I think many people with and without chronic health conditions can benefit for the best with no side effects!


Under her care, I was able to conquer many health issues as they arose including digestive issues, emotional turmoil, illnesses, and even aches and pains in my shoulder and ankle by treating the problem at its source. 


Her methods are very precise, yet also free-flowing and intuitive. Allowing her to tune in to exactly what your body or mind needs precisely at that moment. She’s personally helped me work through very difficult and deep psycho-somatic patterns through NET and Acupuncture. 


My experience with Sharlette was profound. As soon as I walked into her office I noticed the comfort and ease I felt to open up. She immediately got to the core of my issue and held space for me to feel it all. She is not afraid to show you your light. After my session with her I felt a release from a pattern that has been haunting me for decades. I have had many healing experiences with many different healers, and my experience with Sharlette was one of the most effective and exactly what I needed.

-Anna Kyleah

Over the years I have worked with many different acupuncture physicians, and Sharlette’s unique practice is by far the best and most holistic I’ve found. With Sharlette, you don’t get just one form of healing like you might from other other practitioners - you get different therapies.  Specifically, she helped with symptoms of menopause, chronic and acute pain, and helped me clear emotional trauma from childhood. She also successfully helped me with physical pain I had for years related to my pregnancy and the delivery of my son. She literally cured Morton’s neuromas in both my feet. Her skills combined with her intuition, compassion, and caring really give you a complete package of healing and health. 

-Shi Breedlove

Sharlette is AMAZING! She’s helped me discover and process childhood traumas that were affecting my day to day, that I didn’t even know were influencing me. A year and a half of talking to a therapist barely scratched the surface of what Sharlette has helped me through… I’ve been losing hair and have had low iron levels for about a year and she was able to pinpoint what the root cause of these problems were. I’m a meditator and seeing her has also helped me go into deeper states in my practice. Whatever it is, Sharlette can help you get to the root cause, so you can be a happy and healthy being.

-Mariko Sanchez

Even if you've felt lost and disconnected and disassociated from parts of yourself, Sharlette's open hearted approach, will make you feel seen, and heard and thereby able to reconnect with yourself and begin to heal.

-Marko St

Sharlette is by far the best acupuncturist and healer I have ever worked with. I had very nuanced problems that no person was able to acknowledge over many years, and she was able to diagnose and address them with ease. I think of her as both an interpreter and healer for the body's many systems, incorporating a variety of modalities and practiced expertise.

-Eric Hechavarria

I tried different methods and therapists to relieve tension and anxiety that I was suffering from for a year, but nothing seemed to help. The day when I called Sharlette I was on the edge, I almost lost my hope for recovery. But Sharlette managed to return my hope in several minutes. She attended me with love and care, and just after leaving her office I was smiling again.


In the past, my anxieties concerning both conventional and alternative medical systems have prevented me from getting effective care. Sharlette’s approach immediately put me at ease, allowing me to actually benefit from the treatment. It is clear that she has a deep well of medical knowledge, and was able to pinpoint the modes of treatment that would both be effective for me at the time and increase my ability to heal going forward. 11/10 stars!

-Cara Kubiak

She's kind of like one stop shopping for anything related to body, mind, and spirit.

-Hana Schneider

I went to see Sharlette to get some supplements. I had no idea the powerful healer I would encounter. I never have felt stronger, healthier, more vibrantly alive and engaged in my life. It's as if all the tired roadblocks were removed and all green lights installed. She is MAGIC. And I was ready:)

-Ronna Dragon

My healing experiences with Dr. Sharlette Winters have been truly life changing in every area of my life…her instincts and knowledge in knowing what questions to ask and what you need when you have no clue yourself; her ability to diagnose and uncover mental and emotional issues that everyone gathers over time, but I never knew could actually be helped…brought healing to my body and led me to form better, healthier habits….I am now moving forward in a new and more confident direction for my health, emotions and life into retirement. I am amazed at the changes she has helped, and is helping, me to achieve and wished I had known about many years ago! I wholeheartedly recommend Sharlette!


I came to Sharlette for work on certain physical ailments, and before I knew it, she was addressing a full spectrum of issues I was facing - body, mind, emotions, and being. Sharlette is a gifted intuitive healer, who utilizes a variety of tools at her disposal… I find that Sharlette thrives as a guide coming alongside you for a longer period of time, to really help you transmute your obstacles and reach your deepest goals. Ask her about longer-term care packages!

-Mike Morrell

How do I speak about the most profound life experience I’ve ever had? How do I put into words an experience that there is so often, no words for? Sharlette has held my hand and guided me on my journey back to health, love and peace. With both myself and the outer world. She is now my friend, mentor, life coach, spiritual guide and medical intuitive….Anytime anyone I know is suffering with any kind of life experience, I refer them to Sharlette. She has walked me back home, to myself and I will be forever grateful.

-Laurynn Dillow

Having been involved in personal growth most of my life, it was a delight to find Sharlette - who embodies an energy so open and subtle that I feel safe to talk to her about things that have remained unsaid for decades! 

-Dr. Chris Wagner

A rare combination of psychic/intuit meets coach/therapist, her ability to read/see/feel into a situation gives you tremendous insight and an in-depth understanding of what is truly going on. I leave every session feeling more peaceful and directed. All I can say is, if you at all feel called to work with Sharlette, I would 100% follow that impulse. She is a true find and a priceless gem.

-Kelley Kosow

Last year I got really sick after we moved during winter and since we were on lockdown, I couldn’t go for acupuncture. I called Sharlette and told her how sick I kept getting and she was able to help me get better by doing a session over the phone.  By that night I was almost completely well again. It was incredible. I truly don’t understand all her methods, but that doesn’t matter because they work. She’s a gift!!

-Daniela Cervoni

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